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High quality switches, toggle switches, dimmers and sockets! Here you will find an exquisite selection of electrical installations in noble materials such as metal, bakelite and thermoset, available in a variety of colors and surfaces.

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1G switch brass
1G switch brass Sale priceSFr. 71.00
1G Switch Black
1G Switch Black Sale priceFrom SFr. 71.00
Lichtschalter Metall Smoked Bronze
Kit 2-way toggle switch Sale priceSFr. 70.00
1G switch steel
1G switch steel Sale priceFrom SFr. 58.00
1G Switch White
1G Switch White Sale priceFrom SFr. 48.00
1G wall dimmer brass
1G wall dimmer brass Sale priceSFr. 92.00
1G wall dimmer black
1G wall dimmer black Sale priceFrom SFr. 91.00
1G Wall Dimmer Smoked Bronze
1G Wall Dimmer Smoked Bronze Sale priceSFr. 99.00
1G wall dimmer steel
1G wall dimmer steel Sale priceSFr. 99.00
1G wall dimmer white
1G wall dimmer white Sale priceSFr. 99.00
1G wall mount
1G wall mount Sale priceSFr. 33.00
1G/2G wall mount for dimmers and switches
1G/2G wall bracket for dimmer and switch 2-way
1G/2G wall bracket for dimmers and switches 3-fold
1G/2G wall bracket for dimmers and switches 4-fold
dimmer module
dimmer module Sale priceSFr. 118.00
2G-Kippschalter Messing (2-Weg)
2G-Kippschalter Messing (2-Weg) Sale priceSFr. 67.00
2G-Kippschalter Schwarz (2-Weg)
2G-Kippschalter Schwarz (2-Weg) Sale priceSFr. 67.00
2G-Kippschalter Smoked Bronze (2-Weg)
2G-Kippschalter Stahl (2-weg)
2G-Kippschalter Stahl (2-weg) Sale priceSFr. 67.00
2G-Kippschalter Weiss (2-Weg)
2G-Kippschalter Weiss (2-Weg) Sale priceSFr. 67.00
2G switch brass
2G switch brass Sale priceSFr. 103.00
2G Switch Black
2G Switch Black Sale priceSFr. 103.00
2G Switch Smoked Bronze
2G Switch Smoked Bronze Sale priceSFr. 103.00
2G switch steel
2G switch steel Sale priceSFr. 103.00
2G Switch White
2G Switch White Sale priceSFr. 103.00
2G wall mount
2G wall mount Sale priceFrom SFr. 44.00
3G wall mount
3G wall mount Sale priceSFr. 72.00
4G wall mount
4G wall mount Sale priceSFr. 98.00
Cover screw detail kit
Cover screw detail kit Sale priceSFr. 10.00
Antennensteckdose Kabel Unterputz Porzellan
Antennensteckdose Satellit Unterputz Porzellan
blank panel
blank panel Sale priceSFr. 12.00
Base plate surface-mounted Bakelite
Base plate surface-mounted Duroplast
CH socket module
CH socket module Sale priceSFr. 20.00
Datendose RJ45 Porzellan
Datendose RJ45 Porzellan Sale priceSFr. 45.00
Datendose Unterputz Bakelit
Datendose Unterputz Bakelit Sale priceSFr. 45.00
Dimmer LED Porzellan
Dimmer LED Porzellan Sale priceSFr. 112.00
Dimmer detail kit
Dimmer detail kit Sale priceSFr. 19.00
dimmer module
dimmer module Sale priceSFr. 95.00
Dimmer module 250W
Dimmer module 250W Sale priceSFr. 74.00
Doppelabdeckung eckig Bakelit
Doppelabdeckung eckig Bakelit Sale priceSFr. 15.00
Doppelabdeckung Porzellan
Doppelabdeckung Porzellan Sale priceSFr. 34.00
madein Doppelkippschalter Serie Unterputz Bakelit
madein Drehschalter Jalousie Unterputz Bakelit
madein Drehschalter Jalousie Unterputz Porzellan
Rotary switch cross surface-mounted Bakelite


1. Variety in material and quality

Our product range includes switches, toggle switches, dimmers and sockets made of high-quality materials such as metal, Bakelite and thermoset. Each material has its unique properties, be it the timeless elegance of metal, the vintage look of Bakelite or the durability of thermoset.

2. Colors and surfaces for your freedom of design

We understand that your decor should reflect your personal style. That's why we offer a wide range of colors and finishes, including shimmering brass, subtle steel, deep black and crisp white. This variety allows you to match the electrical installations to the color palette of your room.

3. Highest quality and durability

Our products are characterized not only by their aesthetic appeal, but also by their quality and durability. We make it a point to offer electrical installations that meet the highest quality standards to ensure they perform flawlessly for years to come.

4. Design variety for every facility

Our electrical installations offer a wide variety of designs, from classic and timeless to modern and minimalist. No matter whether you are furnishing a restored vintage house or a modern city apartment - you will find the right switches, toggle switches, dimmers and sockets with us.

5. Easy installation and operation

We know how important easy installation and operation are. Our electrical installations are designed to be user-friendly and can be installed easily. We want to ensure that you can easily control your lighting and electrical devices.

Discover our extensive selection of high-quality electrical installations to make your living spaces functional and stylish. Visit our online shop and immerse yourself in the world of high-quality electrical installations in various materials, colors and surfaces. Get your home ready for an upgrade!

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