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High-quality enamel lampshades in a retro-vintage style!

Discover a wide selection of unique lampshades made from high-quality metal that will add a touch of nostalgia to your home. Our enamel lampshades are perfect for retro style lovers looking for timeless elegance and vintage aesthetics.

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Emaille Lampenschirm Industriestil Schwarz - Edisson
madein Sold outEmaille Lampenschirm Industriestil Weiss - Edisson
Messing-Lampenschirm Propeller Gross - Edisson
Brass lampshade Propeller Large Sale priceSFr. 180.00
Messing-Lampenschirm Propeller Klein - Edisson
Brass lampshade Propeller Small Sale priceSFr. 75.00
Sold outRetro Emaille Lampenschirm klein schwarz - Edisson
Retro Emaille Lampenschirm klein weiss - Edisson
Lampenschirm Emaille Vintage flach schwarz - Edisson
Retro lampshade enamel | black Sale priceSFr. 47.00
Retro Emaille Lampenschirm Weiss - Edisson
Retro enamel lampshade white Sale priceSFr. 45.00
Retro Lampenschirm Emaille | Mattschwarz/Gold - Edisson
Coolicon Enamel Shade Large Jet Black
Coolicon Emaille-Lampenschirm Antinium
Coolicon enamel shade Antinium Sale priceSFr. 199.00
madein Coolicon enamel shade cream
Coolicon enamel shade cream Sale priceSFr. 195.00
Coolicon Pendelleuchte
Coolicon enamel shade Jet Black Sale priceFrom SFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Emailleschirm Pewter
madein Coolicon Emailleschirm Sky Blue
madein Coolicon Enamel Shade Large Metropolitan
madein Coolicon Emailleschirm Selvedge
Coolicon Emailleschirm in der Farbe Antinium
Coolicon Original Green
madein Coolicon Emaille-Lampenschirm Selvedge
Coolicon enamel shade selvedge Sale priceSFr. 195.00
Coolicon retro Emaille-Lampenschirm weiss
Coolicon enamel shade white Sale priceSFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Emaille-Lampenschirm Royal Blue
Coolicon enamel shade Royal Blue Sale priceSFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Lampenschirm Emaille Pink
Coolicon enamel shade pink Sale priceSFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Emaille-Lampenschirm Fresh Teal
madein Retro Emaille-Lampenschirm Gelb Coolicon
Coolicon enamel shade deep yellow Sale priceSFr. 195.00
madein Retro Emaille-Lampenschirm Coolicon Terracotta
Coolicon enamel shade terracotta Sale priceSFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Emaille-Lampenschirm sky blue
Coolicon enamel umbrella Sky Blue Sale priceSFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Lampenschirm original grey
madein Save 5%Coolicon Lampenschirm original green
Coolicon enamel shade original green Sale priceSFr. 185.00 Regular priceSFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Emaille-Lampenschirm in latte beige
Coolicon enamel shade latte beige Sale priceSFr. 195.00
madein Coolicon Emaille-Lampenschirm in metropolitan
Coolicon Emaille Lampenschirm Pewter
Coolicon enamel shade Pewter Sale priceSFr. 205.00
madein Coolicon Emailleschirm gross original gray
madein Coolicon Emailleschirm gross Creme
Coolicon enamel shade large cream Sale priceSFr. 293.00
madein Coolicon retro Lampenschirm Terracotta
madein Retro Coolicon Emaillschirm Royal Blue
madein Coolicon vintage Emaille Lampenschirm Pink
madein Emaille Lampenschirm Latte Beige
madein Coolicon London Underground
madein Coolicon Lampenschirm London Underground
Retro Enamel Lampshade White «Bell»
Retro Enamel Lampshade Black «Bell»
Enamel lampshade curved white
Enamel lampshade curved white Sale priceSFr. 49.00
Enamel lampshade curved black
Enamel lampshade curved black Sale priceSFr. 49.00
Hooked Shade Small Stone
Hooked Shade Small Stone Sale priceSFr. 71.00
Hooked Shade Small Graphite
Hooked Shade Small Graphite Sale priceSFr. 67.50
Lampenschirm Stahlblech Kegel weiss
Lampenschirm Stahlblech Kegel schwarz


Why enamel lampshades?

Our enamel lampshades combine first-class materials with masterful craftsmanship. Made from durable metal, they are carefully covered with a layer of enamel that not only ensures a smooth finish, but also durability and resistance to wear and tear. The enamel gives the lampshades a unique texture and subtle shine that reflects light beautifully.

Retro charm for your home

Our lampshades are inspired by the timeless retro-vintage style that captures the elegance of decades past. Whether you want to create a nostalgic feel in your living room, bedroom or study, our enamel lampshades are the ideal choice. Their design is so versatile that they look perfect in both classic and modern interiors.

Variety of styles and colors

Our collection includes a wide range of styles and colors, allowing you to choose the perfect lampshade for your space. From soft pastels to bold pops of color, we offer a variety of options to reflect your individual preferences and decorating ideas.

Quality that lasts

Our enamel lampshades are not only an eye-catcher, but also a sign of quality. Each lampshade is manufactured under strict quality controls to ensure it meets the highest standards. We are proud to offer products that not only look good, but also last for a long time.

If you are looking for high quality enamel lampshades with a touch of retro-vintage charm, you have come to the right place. Our metal products are carefully crafted to provide you with not only an aesthetically pleasing lighting solution, but also an investment in quality and style. Browse our collection and give your home the timeless shine of days gone by!

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