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Pendant lamps metal

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Cone Shade Pendant Large
Cone Shade Pendant Large Sale priceFrom SFr. 435.00
Cone Shade Pendant Small
Cone Shade Pendant Small Sale priceFrom SFr. 327.00
“Schoolhouse” ceiling light
On saleE27 Pendant Glass Shade
E27 Pendant Glass Shade Sale priceFrom SFr. 192.50 Regular priceSFr. 215.00
Eiffel Pendelleuchte Frama
Eiffel pendant lamp 1000 Sale priceSFr. 795.00
Exhaust Pendant Gunmetal - Edisson
Exhaust Pendant Gunmetal Sale priceSFr. 285.00
Forked Pendant Globe Opal
Forked Pendant Globe Opal Sale priceFrom SFr. 930.00
Bakelite pressed glass hanging light
Minimal hanging light
Minimal hanging light Sale priceSFr. 21.00
Heavy Metal Black - Edisson
Heavy Metal Black Sale priceSFr. 199.00
Heavy Metal Brass - Edisson
Heavy Metal Brass Sale priceSFr. 199.00
Save 8%
Heavy Metal Burnt Steel - Edisson
Heavy Metal Burnt Steel Sale priceSFr. 202.50 Regular priceSFr. 220.00
Heavy Metal Gunmetal - Edisson
Heavy metal gun metal Sale priceSFr. 220.00
Save 8%
Heavy Metal Smoked Bronze - Edisson
Heavy Metal Smoked Bronze Sale priceSFr. 198.00 Regular priceSFr. 215.00
Heavy Metal Steel - Edisson
Heavy Metal Steel Sale priceSFr. 195.00
Hero Light
Hero Light Sale priceSFr. 1,262.00
Hero Light Stone
Hero Light Stone Sale priceSFr. 1,262.00
Hooked 1.0 Nude - Edisson
Hooked 1.0 Nude Sale priceSFr. 282.90
Hooked 1.0 Small - Edisson
Hooked 1.0 Small Sale priceSFr. 371.50
Hooked 3.0 - Edisson
Hooked 3.0 Sale priceFrom SFr. 739.00
Hooked 6.0 - Edisson
Hooked 6.0 Sale priceFrom SFr. 1,221.00
Industrial light outdoor
Industrial light outdoor Sale priceSFr. 244.00
madein Save 35%
Pendel-Lampe Bicolor Messing - Edisson
Pendant lamp bicolor brass Sale priceSFr. 89.00 Regular priceSFr. 136.00
Save 20%
Pendelleuchte Mattschwarz - Edisson
Pendant lamp E27 Sale priceFrom SFr. 37.00 Regular priceSFr. 48.50
Save 10%
Pendelleuchte Brass/Schwarz - Edisson
Pendant lamp E27 Brass Sale priceFrom SFr. 37.00 Regular priceSFr. 48.50
Sold outPendelleuchte E27 Bronze - Edisson
Pendant lamp E27 bronze Sale priceSFr. 48.50
madein Save 41%
Pendelleuchte Gold 24K - Edisson
Pendant lamp 24K gold Sale priceSFr. 47.50 Regular priceSFr. 80.00
Retro Messinglampe «Schoolhouse»
«Schoolhouse» pendant light Sale priceSFr. 195.00
Retro pendant lamp chrome E27
Retro pendant lamp chrome E27 Sale priceSFr. 96.00
Retro Pendellampe Messing E27 - Edisson
Retro pendant lamp brass Sale priceSFr. 96.00
Retro Pendellampe Old English - Edisson
Retro pendant lamp Old English Sale priceSFr. 85.00
Retro Pendellampe Messingfassung oxidiert - Edisson
Retro pendant lamp oxidized Sale priceSFr. 96.00
Sold outEdisson Starlight Kronleuchter Schwarz - Edisson
Starlight Chandelier Black Sale priceSFr. 410.00
Ventus pendant lamp
Ventus pendant lamp Sale priceSFr. 385.00

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