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S.Lilley & Sons

Discover the exclusive products of S. Lilley and Sons - a renowned brand of high-quality, English-made brass lighting accessories, lamp holders and light fittings. Our retro-inspired, vintage-like products add a touch of nostalgia to your lamps and lights.

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Retro Lampenfassung Messing E27 Antique - Edisson
retro Lampenfassung metall E27 Old English - Edisson
Vintage Lampenfassung E27 Messing Brass - Edisson
Vintage lamp holder E27 brass Sale priceSFr. 19.50
vintage Lampenfassung Nickel e27
Vintage Lampenfassung E27 Metall gerändelt
Retro Lampenfassung Metall E27 gold
retro lamp socket e27 knurled Sale priceSFr. 25.00
Retro Lampenfassung E14 Antique
Retro Lampenfassung Messing e14
Stellringe für Messingfassungen E27 - Edisson
Sold outRetro Deckenbaldachin Metall
Metal canopy brass Sale priceSFr. 22.50
Metallbaldachin Messing 5-Out - Edisson
Metal canopy brass 5-Out Sale priceSFr. 35.50
Metallbaldachin Messing 7-Out - Edisson
Metal canopy brass 7-Out Sale priceSFr. 38.50
Sold outVintage Metallbaldachin Bronze
Metal canopy Antique Sale priceSFr. 21.50
Metallbaldachin Schwarz 5-Out - Edisson
Metal canopy Black 5-Out Sale priceSFr. 30.50
Metallbaldachin Schwarz 7-Out - Edisson
Metal canopy Black 7-Out Sale priceSFr. 33.50
Metallbaldachin Weiss 5-Out - Edisson
Metal canopy white 5-Out Sale priceSFr. 30.50
Metallbaldachin Weiss 7-Out - Edisson
Metal canopy white 7-Out Sale priceSFr. 33.50

S.Lilley & Sons

As experts in lighting accessories, S. Lilley and Sons has an excellent reputation for handcrafted products that meet the highest quality standards. Each piece is made in the English workshop with great care and attention to detail. The brass material used is not only robust and durable, but also gives your lights a timeless charm.

Our wide range of E14 and E27 threaded lamp holders and light fittings offer you a variety of options to create your own unique lighting creation. From classic, vintage-inspired lights to trendy retro designs, at S. Lilley and Sons you'll find the right accessories to give your room that certain something.

Whether you're looking to upgrade your existing lights or start a new DIY lighting project, S. Lilley and Sons offers you the best materials and parts to make your vision a reality. Discover our collection of high-quality lighting accessories, made in England, today and be inspired by their retro charm.

With S. Lilley and Sons you can bring your space to life with authentic, vintage-inspired light fixtures and lamp holders. Experience the timeless beauty of high-quality brass and create lighting that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

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