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Small furniture, shelving system

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Regalbausatz Basis Set – Individuelles Regal oder Büchergestell
Shelving kit basic set Sale priceSFr. 83.50
Regalbausatz Zusatz Set Stikado
Shelving kit additional set Sale priceSFr. 39.50
«Meshed» standing container
«Meshed» standing container Sale priceSFr. 244.00
«Meshed» bedside table
«Meshed» bedside table Sale priceSFr. 189.00
«Meshed» coffee table
«Meshed» coffee table Sale priceSFr. 199.00
Shelf «Girder» Stone
Shelf «Girder» Stone Sale priceSFr. 670.50
«Girder» shelf
«Girder» shelf Sale priceSFr. 670.50
Shelf «Hanger» Stone
Shelf «Hanger» Stone Sale priceSFr. 772.50
Wandregal Schwarz Metall
"Hanger" shelf Sale priceSFr. 772.50

Small furniture, shelving system

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