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fire hand

Feuerhand has been known for many decades for its outstanding petrol lanterns, which are manufactured in Germany with attention to detail and craftsmanship. As a traditional brand, Feuerhand stands for quality, longevity and authentic design.

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madein Save 7%Feuerhand Sturmlaterne Bronze
Feuerhand Storm Lantern Bronze Sale priceSFr. 41.50 Regular priceSFr. 44.50
madein Save 9%Feuerhand Sturmlaterne Verzinkt - Edisson
Feuerhand Galvanized Hurricane Lantern Sale priceSFr. 35.00 Regular priceSFr. 38.50
madein Save 7%Feuerhand Sturmlaterne Sparkling Iron - Edisson
Feuerhand Storm Lantern Sparkling Iron Sale priceSFr. 41.00 Regular priceSFr. 44.00
Ersatzdocht Feuerhand Sturmlaterne - Edisson
madein Save 10%Feuerhand Sturmlaterne tiefschwarz - Edisson
Feuerhand Storm Lantern jet black Sale priceSFr. 36.50 Regular priceSFr. 40.50
madein Replacement glass for the Feuerhand hurricane lantern
madein Save 13%Feuerhand Sturmlaterne reinweiss - Edisson
Feuerhand hurricane lantern pure white Sale priceSFr. 34.00 Regular priceSFr. 39.00
madein Feuerhand Sturmlaterne Baby Special LED Zink
madein Feuerhand Baby Special LED Bronze

fire hand

Our selection of Feuerhand petroleum lanterns offers you the opportunity to experience the flair of bygone times and create a romantic atmosphere. The high-quality materials and precise workmanship guarantee that you will enjoy your lantern for a long time - be it for cozy evenings in the garden, on camping trips or as a nostalgic decorative element in your home.

The design of our Feuerhand petroleum lanterns is timeless and unique. The combination of classic elements and modern technology makes them an eye-catcher in any environment. The warm and gentle light gives your evenings a special touch and brings back memories of times gone by.

We are proud to offer you the original Feuerhand lanterns that meet the highest quality standards. Each lantern is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our customers' needs. With a Feuerhand petroleum lantern you not only receive a product, but a piece of history that will accompany you through time.

Our online shop offers you a convenient way to select and order your Feuerhand petroleum lantern. We offer fast shipping and superior customer service so you can enjoy your lantern hassle-free.

Immerse yourself in the world of Feuerhand petroleum lanterns and experience the unique quality and German craftsmanship that goes into every product. Bring a piece of tradition and romance into your life with our high-quality lanterns and enjoy the fascinating atmosphere they spread.

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