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With us you will find a hand-picked selection of high-quality fittings that will add elegance to your project.

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Deckenhaken Schwarz - Edisson
Retro ceiling hook black Sale priceSFr. 17.00
Retro Deckenhaken Weiss - Edisson
Retro ceiling hook white Sale priceSFr. 17.00
Türfalle oder Türgriff Messing massiv
L handle Sale priceFrom SFr. 176.00
Wandhaken - Edisson
wall hook Sale priceSFr. 15.00
Wand- oder Deckenhaken Smoked Bronze - Edisson
Wall or ceiling hook Sale priceSFr. 29.00
door handle
door handle Sale priceFrom SFr. 61.50
Türbeschlag Stahl gerändelt
Door knob set of 2 Sale priceFrom SFr. 41.00
Zylinderplatte Schwarz
L handle Sale priceSFr. 33.00
T handle
T handle Sale priceFrom SFr. 50.50
vintage Deckenhaken verzinkt - Edisson
Vintage ceiling hook galvanized Sale priceSFr. 17.00
Türknopf Gunmetal
Türknopf Zweiseitig «Cast» Sale priceFrom SFr. 61.00
Türstopper Wand
Türstopper Wand Sale priceFrom SFr. 48.00
Rotary lock Sale priceSFr. 78.00
Türriegel zu Türfallen schwarz
L handle Sale priceSFr. 33.00
Towel rail "Cast"
Towel rail "Cast" Sale priceFrom SFr. 136.50
"Skull" doorknob
"Skull" doorknob Sale priceSFr. 51.60
Wandhaken Weiss - Edisson
Wall hook white Sale priceSFr. 20.50
Küchenarmatur «Linear»
Küchenarmatur «Linear» Sale priceSFr. 465.00
Küchenarmatur «Cross»
Küchenarmatur «Cross» Sale priceSFr. 465.00
Türknopf einseitig linear
Türknopf einseitig linear Sale priceSFr. 78.00
Türstopper Sale priceFrom SFr. 60.00
Doppelseitiger Türgriff Gross
Doppelseitiger Türgriff Gross Sale priceSFr. 276.50
Doppelseitiger Türgriff Medium
Doppelseitiger Türgriff Medium Sale priceSFr. 203.00
L handle
L handle Sale priceSFr. 178.00
Euro Zylinderplatte zur Türgriffen smoked bronze
L handle Sale priceSFr. 33.00
Türknopf Messing massiv
L handle Sale priceFrom SFr. 115.00
Wandhaken Cast Stahl
«Cast» wall hook Sale priceFrom SFr. 67.00
Door knob set of 2 «Cast»
Door knob set of 2 «Cast» Sale priceSFr. 61.00
T-handle "Cast"
T-handle "Cast" Sale priceFrom SFr. 65.50
Türgriff Gunmetal Metall
L handle Sale priceFrom SFr. 44.50
Set of 2 linear furniture knobs
Set of 2 linear furniture knobs Sale priceFrom SFr. 26.50
Wandhaken Messing - Edisson
Wall hook brass Sale priceSFr. 20.50


Welcome to the online shop for high-quality and elegant fittings!

Our fittings are carefully selected to meet the highest standards. We value quality and offer you products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're looking to upgrade furniture pieces or undertake a DIY project, our hardware is the perfect choice for a sophisticated finish.

With our wide range of high-quality fittings you can let your creativity run wild. From classic designs to modern variants - with us you will find everything you need to give your furniture a personal touch. Every single fitting is unique and gives your project that certain something extra.

Our elegant fittings are not only beautiful to look at, but also robust and durable. They are made from high-quality materials that guarantee a long service life. This means you can be sure that your furniture and projects will continue to impress for many years to come.

Ordering in our online shop is easy and convenient. Choose from our extensive range of high-quality fittings and add them to your shopping cart. We offer fast shipping and secure payment processing so you can have your new fittings in your hands quickly.

Give your furniture and projects that certain something with our high-quality and elegant fittings. Discover the variety of our products and be inspired by our range. With us you will find the perfect fittings to bring your ideas to life.

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